The Goodwin family has manufactured smokers for over 20 years, taking pride in consistent quality and workmanship. The Smoker is the latest evolution of the same tried and true design that first burst into the barbecue world in the early 1990′s.

The special design of The Smoker moves the heat and smoke over the meat for cooking perfection. The Smoker’s unique airflow control holds the heat at an even temperature over several hours for that good old fashioned pit barbecue taste. Cooking championship barbecue can be done on any smoker, but with The Smoker’s air control and internal damper system, bringing that championship quality home has never been easier.


Our Smoker Models

Model 30

Model 24/24

Model 36

Trailer Mounting

Model 30

Grill hamburgers, steaks, and vegetables or smoke a couple turkeys or a few slabs of ribs. The Model 30 is the most popular model of The Smoker, versatile enough for a family picnic or a backyard barbecue party. The Model 30 will maintain constant even heat for 4 hours or more without adding additional charcoal, making the designated grill master part of the party.

Model 24/24

The Model 24/24 is the Ideal big boy’s toy. This 24-inch wide grill has a 24-inch deep smoker in the back, complete with four removable racks and a drain. The Model 24/24 is an excellent choice for hunting clubs and social events of all kinds, as well as the ultimate addition to your summer get-away lodge or home patio. Optional adjustable fire pan available for even more control over cooking temperature while grilling.

Model 36/24

If 24 inches of grilling and smoking isn’t going to cut it, the Model 36/24 offers 12 more inches of available space. The Model 36/24 is a terrific unit for catering or barbecue operations for the masses and keeps customers coming back for more. The Model 36/24′s size does not disrupt the capability to maintain even heat, and will maintain constant, even, dependable heat for 8 hours or more. Optional adjustable fire pan available for even more control over cooking temperature while grilling.

Larger Sizes & Trailer Mounting

The Smoker is available in the Model 48/24 and Model 60/24 to accommodate commercial demands. Trailer-mounting The Smoker is also available. For information regarding prices the 48/24 and 60/24, trailer-mounting The Smoker, or any questions you have, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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